Pedro’s Wall

Pedro's Wall

Pedro´s wall is inside the bay of Cala Engossauba just past Cala Murta. As the name suggests, this is a wall dive and because is sheltered we can usually dive there if the conditions start to get worst. Starting from the corner just outside of the bay, we drop in and start our dive facing the wall and heading inwards; at the corner you can find schools of barracudas, swimming around. The bottom is made up of rocks and Posidonia, where you can find hiding octopuses, Moray eels and Groupers. You just need to look under the rocks and you will always find something like nudibranches. As we start our ascent towards the end of the dive, the water becomes a crystalline blue and you can often find yourself surrounded by schools of small fish


  • Depth: maximum 25 meters
  • Level: All levels
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