Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese

This dive site is around the area of Cap Pinar. Due to its many underwater holes, swim throughs and rooms, this particular site reminds us of a Swiss Cheese, hence the name. The beginning of the dive is very shallow and in 8 meters you will find the first underwater holes. Although you can always see the light, it is recommended to take a torch if you are of a curious nature and want to snoop about! There are several holes and rooms to explore and see scorpion fish and shrimps. And once outside you can see all the bubbles rising up out of the holes. From here, the dive continues down to a canyon and along a wall you might see Moray eels, groupers and octopus. On the right side of the canyon at about 25 meters there is a rock that resembles the shell of a turtle. You can swim throw and see the roof cover of Yellow encrusting Anemone. As we ascent to about 5 meters for our safety stop there is a nice arch where there is usually a shy grouper is hiding inside. Here, we can swim our safety stop looking around the rocks, look also in the blue, you might see schools of barracudas passing by.


  • Depth: 25 meters
  • Level: All levels
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