Dive sites

Bahia de Pollença

The North side of Mallorca offers wonderful opportunities for shore and boat dives. With our boat we will take you to some of the most beautiful diving spots, not only for the crystal clear water, calm sea and underwater world that awaits you but even the landscape are breath-taking!

Dive Site List

  • 1.Punta de l´Avanzada
  • 2.Formentor Island
  • 3.Charlotte´s cave
  • 4.Luis Candela Cave
  • 5.The Pinnacle
  • 6.Pedro´s Wall
  • 7.Tunnel of Love
  • 8.8 mt ledge & Bmw cave
  • 9.Jeronimo
  • 10.“A” & Hammer Cave
  • 11.“S” Cave
  • 12.Formentor Steps
  • 13. Cap de Formentor
  • 14. Eduardo´s eye
  • 15. Cap de Catalunya
  • 16. Es Colomer
  • 17. Cala Molins & Cala Carbo
  • 18. Erotica
  • 19. Captain Caveman
  • 20. The Bridge
  • 21. Swiss Cheese
  • 22. Houses of the Holy
  • 23. Luis´s Arch

Punta Avanzada

Punta de la  Avanzada is inside of the bay of Port de Pollensa, near to the lighthouse. This dive site is for beginners, where we do most of our try dive or the courses.

Formentor Island

Formentor Island is a little island in front of Formentor beach. This island has a big cave outside of the water, a spectacular view from the boat.

Charlotte's Cave

Charlotte´s cave is an easy and nice dive site situated between Formentor Island and Luis Candela Cave. It´s a shallow dive with both the cave entrance and exit at 5 meters.

Luis Candela Cave

Leaving Formentor Island behind you and heading towards Cap the Formentor, you can find another spectacular cavern. Luis Candela Cave.

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is situated in the beautiful bay of Cala Murta. We start the dive in about 8 mt, swimming until we reach the wall of the pinnacle. We follow it keeping it on our right side until we find a beautiful cliff


Pedro´s wall is inside the bay of Cala Engossauba just past Cala Murta. As the name suggests, this is a wall dive and because is sheltered we can usually dive there if the conditions start to get worst.


After Cala Engossauba Tunnel of Love is the next dive site.As the name suggest, this dive site starts with tunnels. In the tunnel you can always see the lights, from the exit and from one side


8 meter ledge is a really gentle dive site and protected when the sea is rough. We start the dive at 8 mt where are lots of little rocks for you to snoop around and see shy groupers…


Ah Jeronimo… The most famous dive site in our bay! The cave of Jeronimo starts very shallow. The cave has a big entrance, from 2 meters to the bottom that is around 18 meters.


The island of Mallorca is well known for her caves, and the “S” cave is one of the more challenging underwater cave in our bay so is just suitable for experienced divers.


The “A” cave is located between Jeronimo and the “S” Cave. The name “A” was given due to the entry that remembers the letter “A”, as you can see from the picture.


Just before reaching the end of the bay of Pollença, if you look up to your left side you can see lot of steps coming down from the cliff and this is where our dive site is!


At the end of our beautiful bay we have the wonderful Cap de Formentor, a dive site for experience divers only. We start our dives in between two walls, and follow the right wall you can find canyons, swim throw, arches and cave.


Once past Cap de Formentor, the colour of the sea becomes a deeper blue.

As soon as we turn the Cap, you can see the cliff going down from the mountains to the sea.


Cap de Catalunia is a beautiful spot outside of the bay along the Northern coast of the Serra de Tramuntana. This dive site is limited to experienced divers due to its bottom depth of around 50 meters.


Es Colomer is a special dive site – an uninhabited island between Cala Sant Vicenç and Cap de Formentor – on the northern coast of the Serra de Tramuntana. The depth here can easily reach the 50-60 meters


Erotica is a great dive site for beginners having a nice depth gradient of between 6 and 12 meters, and is accessible from both the beach and boat. In the shallow area there are big rocks where octopus hide


Another dive site that is suitable for beginners and with easy access from boat or land. The Bridge is in a little bay just past Mal Pas. From our entry point in the bay we can choose to follow the rocks on our right or left.


As the name suggest at this dive site there some more caves! Yes! A dive site suitable for all levels that can be done from the shore or boat. Although it must be said that the shore option does include a steady work out of steps


This dive site is around the area of Cap Pinar.

Due to its many underwater holes, swim throughs and rooms, this particular site reminds us of a Swiss Cheese, hence the name.


After swiss cheese we have this fabulous dive spot. It is quite similar to Swiss cheese due to its series of gullies, ravines, swim throughs and arches. It is a perfect spot where you can practice your buoyancy


Just a short cruise past Cap de Pinar we find Luis´s Arch. The view from the boat is stunning. You can see the cliff of Cap Pinar disappear into the water and just below us at 5 meters we start our dive next to a pinnacle.


Cala Molins and Cala Carbo situated on the northern line of Mallorca, are 2 beautiful shore dives perfect for try dives, refresher courses and courses.

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