Punta de l’Avançada

Punta de la Avanzada

Punta de l´Avançada is tucked inside the bay of Port de Pollença, beneath to the beautiful “Fortaleza” and close to the lighthouse. Due to its advantage of being sheltered from most angles, we can almost always dive there. With a sandy bottom and a maximum depth of 12 meters Punta is an excellent dive site for beginners, and is where we do most of our try dive and courses. It´s perfect for training especially for whom has to refresh their skills after a long time without diving. We consider Punta a special place as it´s sheltered conditions have made it into a kind of nursery where we can see lots of baby creatures: octopus, cuttlefish, flounder, common sole and if you look carefully in the sea grass you might just find pipefish or seahorses.

Punta de l´Avançada is also a great night dive site where octopus and cuttlefishes come out to hunt.


  • Level: beginners
  • Depth: from 2 mt to 12 meters
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