Luis Candela cave

Luis Candela Cave

Leaving Formentor Island behind you and heading towards Cap the Formentor, you can find another spectacular cavern. Luis Candela Cave. This is a nice and shallow cavern with a large round entrance at just 5 meters, which lets you swim easily inside. Once inside we just keep going until we reach an air bell where we can surface. Here, due to a presence of fresh water from the mountain, we often notice the blurry visibility of a halocline caused by the mixing of fresh and salt water in the first meter. Once on the surface inside the cavern, you can see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. Underwater you can see schools of brown meagre and some fork beard. Once you are outside of the cavern, and get separation from the wall, at about 18 mt there is a big rock surrounded of Posidonia where school of barracudas try to camouflage themselves in the sea grass.


  • Depth: 18 meters
  • Level: All levels
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