Eduardo’s eye

Eduardo's Eye

Once past Cap de Formentor, the colour of the sea becomes a deeper blue. As soon as we turn the Cap, you can see the cliff going down from the mountains to the sea. Eduardo´s eye is tucked in along the wall and it can be easy for beginners and as well as a challenge for the experienced. We usually start the dive around 8-10 meters where you are immediately greeted by the immense landscape and colour of the sea. Swimming to the wall you can find the cave, the entrance of which is at 8 meters and once inside you have 2 possibilities depending of your experience. For the beginners, on your right side you can see already the exit are able to swim around and out. For the experienced divers, you can keep going inside of the cave to look around. Inside the cave you can find conger eel, shrimps and some brown meagre. On the outside there are big rocks and a wall where you can choose your depth. Here you can see groupers, Moray eels, Pandoras, different sea breams, and schools of salema.


  • Depth: 40 meters
  • Level: All levels
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