Cala Molins & Cala Carbó

Cala Molins & Carbo

Cala Molins and Cala Carbo situated on the northern line of Mallorca, are 2 beautiful shore dives perfect for try dives, refresher courses and courses.

Cala Molins is one of the bays nestled within the little town of Cala San Vicenç. Walking down to the beach you are immediately taken in by the fantastic landscape and exotic colour of the sea, which will have you feeling as though you are in the Caribbean. Here, we can explore the rocks on either side of the cove, where we can find octopus, moray eels, baby groupers, cuttlefish squid and various types of goby and blenny. On the sandy bottom you might see razor fish, gurnard mullet and Wide-Eyed flounder and if we are lucky we might even spot some baby stingray.

Cala Carbo is a beautiful bay with a stony beach, just next to Cala Molins. The underwater formation is quite similar to its neighbour, but with more rocks, posidonia and an old war bunker netled above. Here, we can see schools of salema, and many colourful kind of wrasse.


  • Depth: 12 meters
  • Level: beginners
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