8 meter ledge & bmw cave

8 meter ledge is a really gentle dive site and protected when the sea is rough. We start the dive at 8 mt where are lots of little rocks for you to snoop around and see shy groupers or moray eels. Following the wall we gradually descent down to a large boulder at around 18 meters where schools of barracudas pass us by. Keeping the wall on our left we swim until we reach the BMW Cave. BMW Cave has a double entrance and, like Luis Candela Cave, if you keep going inside you will reach an air bell where you can surface. The entrance of the cave is at 14 mt and is not difficult so the beginners can look around to find some special anemones, shrimps, Conger eel or octopus. For those more experienced divers there is the opportunity to explore deeper into the cave. You are going to need a torch.


  • Level of certification: All levels
  • Depth: maximum 25 meters
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